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Michael Donnelly

I was born and raised in Scotland, and worked for many years in multi-national IT companies, in various sales and marketing roles. My experience working in UK and Germany, plus numerous and frequent business trips to North America and most European countries, has given me an acute understanding and appreciation of the multi-cultural business world.

When I left Hewlett Packard in 2004, I was eager for a career change, and quickly came to the realisation that my business experience could be put to excellent use as an English language trainer.

In 2006 I began taking English language courses in some of Munich's most important companies - E.On Energie, Hypovereinsbank, Munich Re and many more. Now my wife and I have decided to settle in the beautiful Aude region in France, where I am continuing to assist enterprises and individuals improve their use of the English language.

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Take to your heels

Usage: If you take to your heels, you run away.
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