General English

For anyone who wants to improve their every-day English skills in:-


when travelling to an English-speaking country, enjoy a greater level of confidence when dealing with hotels, taxi drivers and people you meet.

Small talk

learn tips on how to engage effectively in that all-important business of talking about nothing important!


surf and read English web sites with greater ease, learn how to choose the best English newspapers and magazines, and how to get the most from them.

Film, television & radio

exposure to the latest British & American film and television shows, and discover the world of BBC radio, via online listening and podcasts.


impress your English-speaking friends with more natural e-mails and Facebook entries.


the English language is full of idiomatic expressions which can often trip up even the most fluent speakers. Get familiar with this every-day means of expression

...and last but certainly not least, Grammar of course plays its part in all of the above, so an ongoing review of key grammatical points is always helpful.

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Idioms and Expressions

Pot calling the kettle black

Usage: If someone hypocritically criticises a person for something that they themselves do, then it is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.
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